For Immediate Release

22nd May, 2023



The Ministry of Trade and Industry would like to inform and warn all exporters, clearing and forwarding agents and the public against engaging in undocumented and smuggling of exports. The public is hereby reminded that they are required to apply and obtain requisite licenses before exporting or importing any licensable goods under the Control of Goods Act, 2018.


The Ministry would like to further bring to the notice of the business community that in line with the Customs and Excise (Amendment) Regulations, 2023, export of the following produce: Soya Beans, Maize Grains, Groundnuts, Pigeon Peas, Sunflower, Sesame Seeds, Beans, Sorghum, Millet, Cow Peas and Rice shall only be allowed to be exported from Customs Controlled Export Warehouses. As a consequence, the ministry is revoking all existing export licences for the above commodities. Exporters are, therefore, requested to reapply for fresh export licences.


In a related development, Government through the Reserve Bank of Malawi has re-introduced CD1 forms effective 17th May 2023. As such, all exports from Malawi whose value exceeds US$2,000 (or equivalent) shall be declared through an Electronic CD1 form under the Export Proceeds Reconciliation Module (EPRM) prior to exporting.


Consequent upon the foregoing, Exporters and Clearing Agents who prelodged declarations after 1st May, 2023 are requested to report to Malawi Revenue Authority offices for cancellation and relodge new ones in light of CD1 requirements. Any processing fees which were paid thereto shall be refunded forth with.


The Ministry, therefore, wishes to issue a stern warning that Government, through the law enforcing agencies such as the Malawi Police Service, Malawi Defence Force and MRA’s Anti-Smuggling Team has intensified patrols and spot checks to monitor any kind of undocumented trade and smuggling. The law enforcement agencies will be acting on all unscrupulous traders including all persons aiding smuggling through bicycles and motorcycles.


For further information, please contact the following:


  1. Export Proceeds Reconciliation Module (EPRM), Reserve Bank of Malawi: Griffin Phiri (grifphiri@rbm.mw), Mrs. Memory Chipungu (mchipungu@rbm.mw), Mr. Justine Thangaluka (jthangaluka@rbm.mw) Mr. Evans Ndovi (endovi@rbm.mw) and Mrs. Emily Kachitsa (ekachitsa@rbm.mw) or contact them on 0999971049 or 01820299.


  1. Exporting from Customs Controlled Export Warehouses, Malawi Revenue Authority: Mr. Douglas Katchomoza on dkatchomoza@mra.mw or Chimwemwe Kawalewale on

ckawalewale@mra.mw or Call 672;


  1. Licensable Goods and any Trade Related Inquiries, Ministry of

Trade         and         Industry:         Mr         Mayeso Msokera

(mayeso.msokera@trade.gov.mw) or call +265999150618.


Christina Zakeyo



Download Press Release here: Press Release – Warning Against Undocumented Export


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