5th Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation session

The governments of Malawi and Tanzania held the 5th Session of the Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation (JPCC) at Julius Nyerere Convention Centre in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from 26th to 28th October 2022 to explore new areas of cooperation between the two countries and to review progress of the bilateral MOUs made from the 4th session held in Malawi in 2017.

The delegation from the United Republic of Tanzania was led by Honourable Dr Damas Daniel Ndumbaro (MP), Minister of Constitutional and Legal Affairs of the United Republic of Tanzania, while the delegation from the Republic of Malawi was led by Honourable Titus Mvalo, SC, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs from the Republic of Malawi.

The JPCC session also had in depth discussions on the implementation of decisions in specific clusters and sectors, including cooperation in the following areas: Economic, Defence and Security, Infrastructure Development, Trade Investment and Finance and Social Affairs, among others.

The JPCC also expressed appreciation to Senior Officials of both countries, the High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania to the Republic of Malawi and the High Commission of the Republic of Malawi to the United Republic of Tanzania as well as Ministers responsible for Foreign Affairs of the two countries for the preparatory work and meticulous coordination that culminated the successful conclusion of the 5th JPCC.

In conclusion, the two countries reiterated their commitment to continue working closely together to enhance and deepen their fraternal relations. It was also agreed that the 6th session of the JPCC will be held in the Republic of Malawi October, 2024.

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