Hon Chang’anamuno urges mining investors to invest in Malawi

Minister of Mining, Hon. Monica Chang’anamuno spoke at the official opening ceremony of the Tanzania Mining and Investment Forum at Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre in Tanzania and urged mining investors to come to Malawi.

The forum was held under the theme, “Unlocking Tanzania’s Future Mining Potential.”

In her address, the Minister highlighted that the Government of Malawi recognizes that mining is one of the key growth sectors that can significantly contribute to the socio-economic growth and development of a country.

She further highlighted that the mineral sector in Malawi is still a green field mineral investment area endowed with a lot of mineral resources of economic importance. The rich mineral endowment is due to its geological setting within the East African Rift System.

“The minerals include Rare Earth Elements, Niobium, Uranium, Coal, Bauxite, Lithium, Graphite, Limestone, Copper, Phosphate, Apatite, Rutile, Titanium, Gold, Gypsum, Nickel, Iron, Dimension stones such as sodalite, Granite, lithium among others,” she said.

“The occurrence of these minerals, peace and stability in the country and deliberate political will to put the mining sector among the top priority list of economic activities for social economic development of the country among others, create a conducive environment for serious and capable investors to invest in mining in Malawi,” explained Hon Minister.

The Minister urged investors who were present at the Forum to extend their mining Investments to Malawi and that the Government of Malawi provides sufficient incentives for mining investment, realizing the capital intensive nature of the sector.


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