Mulanje Mountain is an isolated granite massif, covering over a thousand square kilometers. From a distance, it is difficult to believe that it is not a range of mountains; it seems long rather than high. Yet it is so tall it creates its own climate. It is the tallest mountain in Central Africa, its summit, the Sapitwa, standing at 3000 metres above the sea-level. Located in the southern district of Mulanje, about one hour’s drive south-east of Blantyre, it provides a challenge to determined mountain climbers.

Mulanje Mountain has a very rich forest reserve which is home to a rich and diverse endemic plant and animal species. It is also a catchment of headwaters and a source of nine perennial rivers and tens of streams. The Mulanje Mountain and its Forest Reserve were declared a protected area in 1927 primarily to safeguard the water catchment and to control the extraction of endemic tree species, especially the unique Mulanje Cedar.