It is Malawi’s biggest and largest National Park which is located in the Northern Region district of Rumphi, 500 Kilometres from the Capital City, Lilongwe. Its breath-taking landscape aside, the National Park has an abundant plant life with over 3000 species of which over 200 types are orchids. The hills in the Park are covered by wildflowers throughout the year. The mountain vegetation attracts large numbers of antelope, and Zebra.

In addition, Nyika National Park has the highest densities of leopards in Central Africa, and there are a number of species of smaller mammals such as warthog, jackals and bush pig. Elephants and buffalo are also available, especially on the lower ground on the northern edge of the park. One may even be able to spot lions in the park. It is also ideal for bird-watching, trekking, mountain biking, horse-riding safaris, as well as more conventional 4 x 4 excursions.