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Malawi is a peaceful and politically stable country with a business friendly environment. Since 1964 when the country received independence, there has never been any major civil strife. In addition all the Presidents that have ruled the country from 1994 when the country became a multiparty democracy, have been elected in a free and fair elections. Needless to say, this peace and stability provide a conducive environment as well as protection and predictability to investors.

Furthermore, Malawi is a country with high growth prospective. As an indicator of its potential, the country has grown by an average of around 6% over the past five years. Malawi is a member of regional trading blocs including SADC and COMESA in addition to being a beneficiary country under the preferential arrangements offered by the United States of America under the framework of the AGOA. Under the arrangement, some 6500 products from developing countries, including Malawi, can enter the USA market duty free and without any quota restrictions. Also, Malawi enjoys benefits of the European Union ‘Everything But Arms’ (EBA) and the ACP-EU cooperation, in addition to various bilateral trade and cooperation agreements.

Finally, Malawi offers a potential investor a bewildering array of opportunities in agriculture and agro-processing, tourism, manufacturing, infrastructure development, as well as energy and mining. In mining, for instance, the country is known to have minerals and precious stones including bauxite, corundum, graphite, heavy mineral sands, limestone, coal, uranium, phosphate, glass sands, and wide array of gemstones.


AgricultureImage title

Production and processing for soya beans, groundnuts, pigeon peas and rice.

Intensive primary commodity production under irrigation

Lake Malawi Aquaculture Project

Lake Malawi Offshore deep water fishing

Commercial fish farming

Livestock production and processing

Development of an Export Processing Zone at Kamuzu International Airport

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Power generation and liquid fuels plant

Development of hydropower projects

Development of coal power generation

East Corridor backbone transmission line

Coal to liquid project

Mining Sector Projects

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Kanyika Niobium Project

Various Rare Earth Projects

Oil exploration in Blocks 1 to 3

Bauxite Mining

Graphite Mining


Development of an Integrated Resort at Cape Maclear in Mangochi district

DImage titleevelopment of an Integrated Tourism Project in Salima district

Development of an Integrated Mountainous Resort on Mulanje Mountain

Development of Spa and Wellness Resort in Nkhotakota district

Development of Michiru Nature Sanctuary Conference Facility and Lodge

Development of Slave Trade Heritage Theme Park in Mangochi

Rehabilitation and operationalization of the Blantyre Cultural Centre

Development of various eco-tourism lodges

Development of Dr David Livingstone and Malawi Slave Trade Heritage Route Museum in Nkhotakota

Beach development at various points along Lake Malawi in the Northern Region


Construction of new airport in Monkey Bay, Mangochi

Image titleDevelopment of Airport City near Kamuzu International Airport

Construction of a Dry Port at Liwonde

Establishment of Shipbuilding and Repair Facilities on Lake Malawi

Construction and Rehabilitation of various railway lines

Shire-Zambezi waterway Project (Dredging and Re-aligning Works)

Development of Central Modern Markets in major Cities and Municipalities

Construction of residential houses and hostels

Development of Shopping Malls

ManufacturingImage title

Cement Production

Commercial Rice Milling

Processing of various agricultural products including soya, rice, cotton and cassava

Sugar manufacturing

Recycling plant

Processing of waste, tyres and waste plastics into crude oil, among others

In addition, there are also opportunities in financial services, transport sector, social sector projects including training, education, and health, as well as media and communication projects.

For detailed explanation on each of these opportunities, please download the Compendium on Investment Projects on ‘Downloads’ section of this website.